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Cannabotanix, Inc. is the passion project of Amber Buchanan, MBA. Amber began her career in 2001 as a young student providing bookkeeping services to local small businesses. After working her way from entry level to VP roles within the finance industry, learning everything from banking and loan origination to compliance and underwriting, she experienced her first calling to align her values with her skills and began applying the business administration skills she had honed over the years to the non-profit world. The lean, resourceful nature of the non-profit world solidified her ability to pinpoint inefficiencies, strategically leverage a lean budget, and understand the importance of solid corporate governance. 

In 2017, Amber began a hobby sharing her expertise about cannabis and before she knew it had over 20 publications, 2 citations in peer reviewed journals, and 1 citation in a published book. So, in 2020, she decided to marry her passion and her profession to join the cannabis space and was immediately taken aback by the diminished focus on business administration skills, culture building and corporate social responsibility, strategic operational and financial planning, and basic leadership development in many of the spaces she interacted. It was not long before she realized the knowledge she had been fortunate enough to accumulate over the years could benefit many entrepreneurs in this industry and perhaps even help elevate the industry as a whole.

And thus.....Cannabotanix was born!


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